Self Balancing Chrome Green Hoverboard - 700W

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Brand hoverbird

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Hoverbird™ is Canada's premiere source for the newest technology, right under your feet. This two-wheeled, Black hoverboard is agile enough to move your body fluidly in a way that feels natural with it's easy-to-learn navigation, and reliable state of the art auto-balancing capabilities that you can trust.

Lean forward, left, or right and travel up to 25 kilometres on a single battery charge with any one of our models; every hoverboard is supported by a cUL certified battery and portable enough to take anywhere –making it an ideal travel solution for short or long distances.

Hoverbird™ hoverboards require less time than it takes to charge a smart phone to full capacity, so they’re always ready to travel when you are.

Every hoverboard is designed for safety, curb appeal, and durability –they are both water resistant and agile enough for multi-terrain usage to give you an effortless riding experience no matter where you travel.

Order your own hoverboard today and enjoy low-cost shipping with a 90-day warranty.

  • 90-Day Warranty
  • 1-Hour Charge Time
  • 25K Distance
  • Multi-Terrain
  • Top Speed - 12 Km / hour
  • 700 watt
  • 6.5" wheels
  • Battery: 4.4 AmH lithium Ion
  • Maximum User Weight Limit: 220 lbs

It is equipped with UL Certified battery and cUL Certified charger to preserve your peace of mind. These batteries and chargers come from reputable manufacturers using compliance tested components.