HOVERBIRD Electric Skateboard Brushless 400W Hub Motor 55Wh Li-Ion Battery With Remote Control

$499.99 CDN

Brand hoverbird

Hub Motor: Even in high-speed, it could keep sufficient stability and balance to ensure the safety and a great riding experience. Convenient carrying handle built into the board as a cut out.
Temperature Control Mainboard: the temperature control could reduce the speed of motor slowly to protect the safety of rider from overheating.
Batteries Safety: Quality Lithium cell feature 100% of which are tested using peak charge and discharge rates before attaching it to the board with overcharge protection, charging time 2 hours only.
5-ply of Canadian Maple Wood: Max Load is 100kg (220lb). There is a nice riding feeling because of the convenient damping design.
Wireless Remote Control: secure 2.4Ghz frequency with forward / backward/ brake and high/low gear functions, comes with USB cord with.
Feature: Hub Brushless Censored Motor Technology, Power 400W, capacity 55Wh
Weight: Very light 3.5 kg / 7.7 lbs, easy to carry handle cutout, Max Load 100kg/220lbs
Included: Ergonomic wireless handheld remote control, charging USB wire included
Function: Mileage – upto 10km, Max Speed – upto 15km, wheel size 6.8” / 17.3cm
Dimensions: L29.1”, W7.7”, H4.4” (74cm, 19.5cm, 11.2cm)