Hard Shell Hoverboard Hand Bag Carrying Case Waterproof for 10" I6 Models

$69.99 CDN

Brand hoverbird

Hard shell travel case for Hoverbird I6 10" Hoverboards. Hoverboards are awkwardly shaped and fairly heavy at 29 LBS, thus making them difficult to carry, prone to dropping.

With Hoverbird hard shell case you can easily transport your precious Hoverbird in style and ease.

Quick Specs:

1. EVA Nylon/Braided Material
2. Dimensions: 73*33*27cm 
3. Comes with strap
4. Special interior indent compartment for the charger.
5. Fits only 10" I6 Hoverbird, as per picture. Hoverboard not included.

We also offer hard shell travel cases for I1 and I5 models.