GO-KART Conversion Kit for 6.5” Self Balancing Two Wheel Scooters\Hoverboards, transforms your board into Adjustable GO-KART

$149.99 CDN

Brand hoverbird

Race your friends sitting down on your Hoverboard!


This accessory will make your skating experience more enjoyable as you can utilize your scooter as a Go-Kart. Excellent gift for children or adults, as this adds more features to your hoverboard.


Allows riders, who have difficulty balancing on the board standing, to enjoy the riding experience in a sitting position.


Attachment is small enough to use not only in the street, but also inside a home. Go fast with Maximum speed of your Hoverboard stopping with ease, being able to take sharp turns and corners.


Foot support is completely adjustable along its length, with comfortable fit for a rider of up to 160 pounds and 5’5". Conversion Kim is easy to assemble and can be put together within minutes with minimal parts.


Package Contents:

(1) Seat, (1) Back Rest, (1) Foot Rest, (2) Handles, (1) Swivel Wheel, (2) Rubber Straps, (2) Round Washers, (2) Allen Keys, (1) Wrench, (1) Bolt


  • FUN: Transform your 6.5” Hoverboard into Electric Go-Kart with two steering handles to go back and forth and turn right and left, allows for smooth ride with great control.


  • COMFORT DESIGN: Strong Frame with a soft padded seat cushion, attachment easily installed within a few minutes, includes padded foot rests, large front swivel wheel.


  • ADJUSTABLE: Length can be adjusted (tool is included) making it suitable for various ages and different riders.


  • DIMENSIONS: L40” x H16” x W18” (100cm x 40.5cm x 46cm), wheel 4.6” (11.5cm), handle 17.5” (44.5cm), comfortable fit for a rider of up to 160 pounds and 5’5".


  • GO-KART: Attachment for 6.5" Two Wheel Self Balancing Scooter; self balancing scooter NOT INCLUDED!