How hard is it to ride these hover boards?
In short, it’s NOT HARD AT ALL! You will step onto the board and try to balance, but it’s doing the balancing for you.  You will look like a pro in no time.

Is there a warranty?
Yes, all our boards come with a 90-day manufacturer’s warranty.  This covers faulty parts and any issue that you may have with the board that is not caused by you.

How much does it cost to ship these boards?
Hoverboard shipping within Canada is 20-40 dollars depending on the province. Please refer to Shipping link for more information.

Is it waterproof?
The short answer is NO.  It is not waterproof.  Water damaged boards are not covered under 90 days’ warranty and will stop working, possibly forever.
Are Hoverboards safe for humans and children?
All our Hoverboards come with a digital speed limiter, preventing the boards from traveling faster than 12kmh for rider safety. All our Hoverboards batteries & charger are UL certified, which means our products are safe for use by humans of all ages.

How far will it travel?
Depending on the weight of the rider and the level of charge the board will travel up to 25 kilometers.

What is the battery life like?
With normal use you are expected to get approximately 4-6 hours of continuous battery life, which correlates to 20-25km riding distance. This can vary as it depends on rider weight, riding conditions, and average speed. Non-continuous use allows you to use the Hover board for shorter trips.

How fast will it go?
Depending on the riders weight you can expect to go between 10 to 12 km per hour.

Will it go up a hill?
Maximum incline is about 15 degrees.  Any more than this and it may not be able to go up the hill. So as long as you’re not riding it up the face of a mountain it may be ok.

Can I use it off road?
We don’t recommend that this board be used off road.  It is designed for urban use on footpaths and other smooth and dry surfaces.  It may be OK (but slower) on a flat and dry grassy patch, but do not use it if there is any sign of dampness or water as this may break your board!

How does it handle bumps, cracks & curbs?
Although there is not a suspension system, these strong tires are no joke! The Hover Board can handle bumps, cracks and other small changes of surface up to 1/2-1 inch very well. We recommend paying close attention to your surroundings & bending your knees, as your knees act as your suspension.

How long does it take to charge?
From flat to 100% will take about 2 hours.

What is the maximum weight it can hold?
We recommend a max weight of 220 lbs.

Is there a minimum age?
Yes.  We recommend that riders be at least age 12 before being allowed to use a board.

What does the board weigh?
Our standard board weighs 12 kilograms.

Do you sell parts?
Yes, we sell some parts like batteries and chargers, however it is not recommended that you open the device to perform repairs yourself.  Contact us and we can put you in touch with a repair specialist.

Do you sell spare chargers?
Yes, these will be available to purchase from our site very soon.