$199.99 CDN

Brand hoverbird

Hoverbird™ is Canada's premiere source for the newest technology, right under your feet. This two-wheeled, hoverboard is agile enough to move your body fluidly in a way that feels natural with it's easy-to-learn navigation, and reliable state of the art auto-balancing capabilities that you can trust.

Lean forward, left, or right and travel up to 25 kilometers on a single battery charge with any one of our models; every hoverboard is supported by Canada's first UL2272 certification, as well as cUL certified charger which is more rigorous certification for Canadian market.

Hoverbird™ hoverboards require less time than it takes to charge a smart phone to full capacity, so they’re always ready to travel when you are.  Every hoverboard is designed for safety, curb appeal, and durability - they are both water resistant and agile enough for multi-terrain usage to give you an effortless riding experience no matter where you travel.

  • UL 2272 self-balancing scooter certified. Excelled in all government-regulated safety tests, including cUL charger. Learn more about the UL2272 hoverboard certification here.
  • Max Speed 14 kmh w/ a range of 25 kms powered by a 300-watt dual electric scooter motor.
  • This new and improved hoverboard has a newly added Smart Battery Management System to control the equipment temperature, making it safe and fully approved for use in Canada.
  • The motorized scooters lithium-ion battery pack has a charge time of approximately 2-3 hours.
  • Features LED headlights, LED arches, Battery indicators and light-weight shell.
  • Smart Battery Management System that monitors and protects.
  • Dimensions: L22.8 x H6.8 x W7.1 in (L58 x H17.5 x W18 cm)



If your hoverboard STOPPED WORKING please re-calibrate it first, before contacting service department. Turn off your hoverboard. Line up power indicators, make sure pedals are level to the ground. Place the hoverboard on a flat service making sure that it is 100% level. You could use the plastic case piece that the hoverboard came with as packaging. If the hoverboard is not level it will be calibrated to this configuration. Press and hold the silver power button. The Bluetooth will enable and then you will hear a beep sound, continue to hold the button down for around 5-10 seconds. Your hoverboard should be back to working mode.